Hey sun .. why u gone to dusk?

Hey stars.. where is ur moon?

Sun and moon aren’t friends?

Why they didn’t meet at one place?

Hey clouds .. u r the only one that meets both sun and moon!

So why don’t u make them together?

Tell me.. Mr cloud why don’t u?..

When i looks u.. u make some actions with ur smokie thing..

I can only hear ur voice while u were angry or crying …people calls it as  Thunder…

My teacher said..sun gives the illumination to moon…

So sun must loves the moon..that’s why it is burning itself and give illumination to moon..

Am i right Mr Cloud?

Then why?… could u speak Mr cloud?

Ho..now I know.. my mom said..

Lotus and moon have an unbreakable relationship..

Are they friends or lovers?..

Hoo! my mom is calling..time to explore about all of u..

But i am not satisfied with that..

Books only contains about who u r!..

I want to know about ur relationship between all of u!..

No one knows about love..

No one knows about ur bond..even the sun and moon are in different hemisphere..

No science can define that.. I know… nobody can…

Bucz it can only taste when u r in love!.. isn’t right Mr Cloud?…

I know even u don’t have answers to me……

Bye Mr cloud….

C uu….

Vipin Mathew


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